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Fred Malone’s admission of guilt.

Fred Malone of FBC Clinton, La. participated over the phone in the 2000 ARBCA investigation into the savage abuse of children by Tom Chantry. His contact was Don Linblad of ARBCA, both guilty of covering up Chantry’s heinous crimes.

Fred Malone currently works at First Baptist Church in Clinton, Louisiana. He served as a trustee for IRBS, on Administrative Council of ARBCA, the Theology Committee of ARBCA, and is now the Senior Fellow for IRBS. He also serves as a founding Board Member of Founder’s Ministries and has served as a Trustee for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. He is also the Professor of Pastoral Theology at IRBS.

Below is a portion of a conversation between Fred Malone and former FBC Clinton, La. deacon Anthony Battaglia. The call took place on Friday, July 28th 2017 beginning at 7:07 p.m. and lasted for 22 minutes.

On July 28th 2017, a very concerned member of FBC Clinton, La (an ARBCA church led by Tom Hicks, Mitch Axsom & Fred Malone) shared a Facebook post with a link to this article by Brent Detwiler.

In turn, Anthony Battaglia shared the post as well. Shortly after sharing the post, Fred Malone called both members to attempt to persuade them to remove the article. Initially, Fred left Anthony a voice message asking him to return his call.

“Fred Malone wanted to visit me in person to speak about the post, but I was already on the way to do some shopping at the nearby Wal-mart.” – Anthony Battaglia.

Anthony Battaglia returned Fred’s call while driving. The single phone call lasted 22 minutes.

During the phone call Fred Malone attempted to convince Anthony Battaglia to take down the Facebook post. He kept using phrases like “it is slander” and “it is just not good information”.

When questioned about his knowledge of the original allegations of child abuse by Tom Chantry, Malone replied, “Of course, I was on the investigation“.

Anthony Battaglia tried to secure Fred Malone’s repentance on the matter asking him to specifically repent of failing to report Tom Chantry’s crimes to law enforcement. Battaglia also asked Malone to repent and to ask forgiveness of the victims, their families, the churches and the association. As well, he asked Malone to call law enforcement and offer up all the evidence he has regarding Chantry’s savage abuse of children. (actual email excerpt to Malone shown below).

Malone refused to repent stating in a letter to Battaglia,

So, if you want to know if I sinned against God’s law or man’s law in the issue of reporting the secondhand speculation I heard (he calls his and Don Linblad’s participation in the investigation “secondhand speculation”), I do not believe that I did. Nor am I responsible for all the people that you say that I am below, especially since you have provided no specific evidence of the further damage you claim, neither your own witness nor a second witness to those alleged sins. Each of these calls to repentance and action below, are based upon your erroneous assumption that I sinned in the original matter.” – Fred Malone

Battaglia attempted to pursue Malone via biblical church discipline, but it was met with the strongest resistance by Tom Hicks, Mitch Axsom and Malone himself.

Later in an “off the books” congregational church meeting on October 15th, 2017 Tom Hicks (named pastor of FBC Clinton) attempted to cast doubt on Battaglia’s testimony by lying about the phone call between Battaglia and Malone saying,

Fred called this member on a cell phone. The member began to have questions about what Fred knew. The phone was disconnected at one point, necessitating a call back. Fred tried to answer this man’s questions to the best of his ability but the cell phone was cutting in and out and it was hard for Fred to hear what this man was asking. There is no audio recording of this phone call.” – Tom Hicks

Battaglia’s AT&T phone record below shows the phone never disconnected and no call back was necessitated. The phone record shows one 22 minute long phone call.

Fred Malone of FBC Clinton, La. participated in the 2000 ARBCA investigation into the savage abuse of children by Tom Chantry. His contact was Don Linblad of ARBCA, both are guilty of covering up Chantry’s heinous crimes.

I believe all men on the Administrative Council … read the findings of the three-man committee and either actively chose to cover the report up, or complied with the wishes of those wanting to cover it up. By remaining silent, they are complicit, sharing in the guilt of not reporting Chantry to Law Enforcement or to ARBCA church members at large.

Allowing Chantry’s action to remain largely unknown has undoubtedly, in my opinion, allowed Chantry to continue his perverted, pedophilic life. Although I have heard of no other victims of Chantry’s abuse, I am of the opinion that more victims are out there, they just have not yet found their voices.” – Todd Wilhelm

Fred Malone is no exception to Wilhelm’s words even though he wasn’t on the Administrative Council of ARBCA in 2000. Malone participated in the investigation of Tom Chantry’s heinous crimes against children and failed to report the crimes to law enforcement.

On 9/5/2017, Fred told me that Walt Chantry (Tom Chantry’s father) came to Clinton to discuss the findings of the three man team in 2000. Fred had distrust after that meeting for one man on the team. I don’t think Fred realized that he had just confessed to knowing what was in the report.” – Jon Moyers

There are at least 5 separate eyewitnesses, all ex-members of FBC Clinton, who will testify to the fact that Fred Malone is a habitual liar concerning the matter of Tom Chantry’s savage abuse of children.” – Anthony Battaglia

If you know Fred Malone, please entreat him to repent.