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Fred Malone hand delivered letter evidence


On July 28th 2017 Anthony Battaglia privately questioned and then confronted Fred Malone about his participation in the ARBCA investigation into the savage abuse of children by Tom Chantry.
Fred Malone clearly stated that he knew of the original allegations of child abuse and did not call the police as mandatorily required by law. Anthony asked Fred to repent during this initial phone conversation on July 28th 2017. Fred Malone replied, “Well, I’ll need to consider those things.”

Again on July 31st 2017 Battaglia wrote an email to Fred Malone asking him once again to repent.

Fred Malone again refused to repent and on August 8th 2017 Fred hand delivered this five page rebuttal letter to Candy Battaglia at the Battaglia’s home in Clinton, Louisiana.

Fred Malone’s words are italicized and inserted in response to Battaglia’s words.

Fred Malone of FBC Clinton, La. participated over the phone in the 2000 ARBCA investigation into the savage abuse of children by Tom Chantry. His contact was Don Linblad of ARBCA, both guilty of covering up Chantry’s heinous crimes.

Fred Malone currently works at First Baptist Church in Clinton, Louisiana. He served as a trustee for IRBS, on Administrative Council of ARBCA, the Theology Committee of ARBCA, and is now the Senior Fellow for IRBS. He also serves as a founding Board Member of Founder’s Ministries and has served as a Trustee for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. He is also the Professor of Pastoral Theology at IRBS.

If you know Fred Malone please entreat him to repent.