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FBC Clinton La. Audio File Evidence

Thomas Chantry fled Prescott, AZ in November 2000 in response to multiple families from Miller Valley Baptist Church (then ARBCA member church) confronting him about abusing their children. In December 2000 ARBCA sent a three-man investigative committee to Miller Valley Baptist Church to investigate the abuse alleged by these families.

The audio file that appears on this page is a conversation between Mitch Axsom and Anthony Battaglia concerning Fred Malone’s admission of guilt during a phone call with Battaglia. During the audio conversation Battaglia’s character and memory of the phone call is being brought into question by Axsom.

Fred Malone participated in the 2000 ARBCA investigation into Tom Chantry’s savage abuse of children and failed to call authorities as mandated by law.

Mitch Axsom is currently at FBC Clinton, Louisiana as one of three named pastors (Tom Hicks and Fred Malone are the other two).

Anthony Battaglia is a former deacon
who ultimately resigned and left FBC Clinton (the church reports they “severed” Battaglia) because of the unrepentant sins of the “pastors” and corruption among them as well as the continued cover up of the sins of Tom Chantry and others in ARBCA.

The context for this audio is as follows:

On July 28th 2017 Anthony Battaglia privately questioned and then confronted Fred Malone about his participation in the ARBCA investigation into the heinous abuse of children by Tom Chantry. Fred Malone clearly stated that he knew of the original allegations of child abuse and did not call the police as mandatorily required by law. Anthony asked Fred to repent during this initial phone conversation on July 28th 2017. Fred Malone replied, “Well, I’ll need to consider those things.”

Again on July 31st 2017 Battaglia wrote an email to Fred Malone asking him once again to repent.

Fred Malone again refused to repent and on August 8th 2017 he hand delivered a five page rebuttal letter to Candy Battaglia at the Battaglia’s home in Clinton, Louisiana.

The rebuttal letter was so apparently contrary to Fred’s words over the phone that Anthony tried once again to ask him to repent.

Knowing Fred had been in sin for some 20 plus years and was still covering up for Chantry, Anthony wanted to secure the truth from him and attempt to stop Malone’s pattern of deceit and habitual lying.

Desiring to be “wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove” Battaglia transcribed the July 28th 2017 voice mail audio left for him by Fred Malone and then transcribed the July 28th 2017 phone conversation from memory. He then emailed these transcriptions to attempt to gain clarity from Malone concerning the disparity between Fred’s phone admission of guilt and his contrary rebuttal letter.

Fred Malone again refused to repent. Fred then reported to Mitch Axsom & Tom Hicks that he was charged with sin by Battaglia.

The following audio is of Mitch Axsom meeting with Anthony Battaglia under the guise of an “information sharing meeting” (made clear by Axsom’s words near the end of the audio) regarding Chantry’s heinous crimes and Fred Malone’s as well as ARBCA’s involvement in the cover up of those crimes.



Weeks later it was revealed to Anthony Battaglia that once again Mitch Axsom lied to attempt protect not only Fred Malone, but Tom Hicks as well.

Hicks and Axsom agreed together under the guise of an “information sharing meeting” to attempt to accuse Anthony of deceitfulness and lying.  All of this was in an effort to distract attention from and attempt to marginalize Fred Malone’s participation in the investigation and covering up of Tom Chantry’s egregious crimes against children.

Tom Hicks                                    Fred Malone                                Mitch Axsom

On 9/5/2017, Fred told me that Walt Chantry (Tom Chantry’s father) came to Clinton to discuss the findings of the three man team in 2000. Fred had distrust after that meeting for one man on the team. I don’t think Fred realized that he had just confessed to knowing what was in the report.” – Jon Moyers

There are at least 5 separate eyewitnesses, all ex-members of FBC Clinton, who will testify to the fact that Fred Malone is a habitual liar concerning the matter of Tom Chantry’s savage abuse of children.” – Anthony Battaglia

Once again if you know Mitch Axsom, Tom Hicks or Fred Malone please entreat them to repent.