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ARBCA Abuse Cover-Up Evidence

In the state of Arizona, there are some cases in which an individual may be held without bond. Usually those cases where an individual is held without bond constitute cases where a person has committed a sexual crime with an individual under the age of 15. These cases are “capital cases” and subject to very serious sentencing by the court. A Simpson hearing is a full evidentiary hearing. The same evidence and witnesses may be called upon as in the actual criminal court trial. A Simpson hearing takes place to determine if there is “clear and convincing” evidence that “the proof is evident” and the “presumption is great” that the defendant actually committed the crimes they are accused of committing. A Judge presides over the hearing and the burden of proof for the “clear and convincing evidence” and “the presumption great” standard lies with the prosecution. If the standard is met by the evidence according to the court the defendant will be held without bail awaiting trial.

In Tom Chantry’s case, the Arizona State prosecution proved with clear and convincing evidence that the “proof was evident” and the “presumption was great” that he in fact committed the crimes he was accused of concerning the sexual molestation of children under the age of 15 (the aggravated assault charges were not in question at this hearing). Tom Chantry was held without bail until he was finally granted relief under what some in the Arizona court system are calling at best a technicality or at worst an attempt to deceive the courts by the defense attorney.

The first page here will show the cover page indicating Thomas Jonathan Chantry as the Defendant.


During this same Simpson hearing evidence was produced that clearly implicated and indicated that the Miller Valley Baptist Church and the National Organization known as the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America did in fact know of “excessive force” and “inappropriate actions” by Tom Chantry toward multiple children under the age of 15 years old.

The page below and section marked in yellow indicates that Pastor Chris Marley from Miller Valley Baptist Church brought documentation (a red binder) into the Prescott Police Department as evidence.

In the page above the defense attorney tries to stop the prosecuting attorney from asking what information is specifically contained in the red binder. The prosecution asks, “What were the reports? What did they involve”, and the judge permits the answer.

The following three pages below speak for themselves as to the criminal nature of Tom Chantry’s known actions toward children. These actions were not only known at the time in 2000, but according to the documentation in 2000 are precisely what ARBCA was there investigating. ARBCA knew about Tom Chantry’s excessive force and inappropriate behavior and absolutely chose not to report it to law enforcement as mandatorily required by Arizona Law, but more importantly as required by God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following three pages clearly indicate and name The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches from December 13th, 2000 until December 16th, 2000 conducted an investigation into the criminal allegations of excessive force and inappropriate actions toward children. 

The defense attorney in this last page is trying to exclude the words “sexual molestation” from the report and only have them indicate “excessive, physical force”. He is doing this because this Simpson hearing only deals with the counts relating to molestation and not aggravated assault in determining to hold Tom Chantry without bail.

It is made clear by both the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney that the evidence presented from church documentation in 2000 provided to the police by Pastor Chris Marley indicates ARBCA was asked by Miller Valley Baptist Church to in fact investigate child abuse and further than that “inappropriate behavior”.

Did ARBCA cover-up Tom Chantry’s criminal abuse of multiple children? The answer is clearly proven by the evidence “yes”.