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Welcome to Awareness in Reformed Baptist Churches of America’s (or ARBCA for short) website.

There is a great and growing need to promote awareness of particular issues within Reformed Baptist churches in America. Sadly there are congregations in America unaware of sin that is going on behind closed doors in their own church, their sister churches or their associational churches. Despite the fact that on paper these churches are supposed to be ruled by the congregation, they are not given the opportunity to evaluate facts or even be informed of situations that tarnish the Name of Christ, bring reproach upon the Church and devastate the lives of many.

ARBCA.org is dedicated to making the Reformed Baptist community, the greater evangelical community and the world aware of particular situations by posting factual, reliable content concerning the issues at hand.

It is our hope that this information will lead to a greater awareness among Reformed Baptist congregations and the evangelical community as a whole. As well, our hope is as “every fact is confirmed” by many witnesses that true biblical accountability will be fostered among church leaders, associational leaders and congregations as well.